30 Hours in Bermuda. Got Paradise?

After jumping on Virgin America and being treated like a rock star for five hours from LAX to JFK, I used a ZED to get on the almost completely empty flight from JFK – BDA. For those of you who don’t speak airline, that’s Bermuda. For those of you who do ZED, I paid $30 plus an obscene amount of taxes (about $75), but it was all worth is to spend 30 hours in paradise.

Hands down the beaches were far more intoxicating in beauty and comfort than those I’ve been to in Hawaii and Mexico. At first glance, the pink sand beach at Horse Shoe Bay doesn’t seem all that impressive. Upon arrival, the sand merely seemed so blindingly white that it cast a peachy glow. As I strolled and the sun began to set, the sand glowed a deeper shade of pink, matching the sherbert sunset sky. The calm turquoise water stretched out into the horizon, ten different shades of blue and crystal clear enough to only be found in paradise. As I stepped through powder sand and the warm bathwater that is the Bermuda beach, I was intoxicated by the beauty of the pastel technicolor dream scape.


I think what I love most about the majority of Bermuda beaches is that they aren’t overcrowded. Near the entrance of Horse shoe Bay there are some volleyball nets if you want to get active, but if not, simply stroll along the beach and navigate giant limestone sculptures to find your own secluded stretch of sand. Keep walking and you’ll even encounter other beaches like Elbow Beach or Church’s Bay which are known for their snorkeling reefs. Or, if you don’t feel like snorkeling, rent a kayak. Even beginners can easily navigate the calm waters of Bermuda. If you can, rent a glass bottom kayak. The water is so crystal clear that you don’t need a mask and fins to see exotic fish in blindingly bright colors.

Limestone hideaway kayak

The people of Bermuda humbled me with their incredible kindness and welcoming smiles. I’ve never felt more welcomed anywhere. My first night, Troy, a bellhop who apparently is off duty when the moment strikes, convinced me and my partner to join him at the local hot spot, the Swizzle Inn for a taste of Bermuda’s national drink, the Dark and Stormy. How could we say no to that? The bar stayed open late just for us and I finally got to taste the Bermuda concoction of ginger beer and black rum. Let me tell you, it was so refreshing! The Dark and Stormy was a perfect way to end my first night in Bermuda listening to the charming and comical tales of a local.

Speaking of dark and stormy, for those of you who want a different kind of thrill, instead of swimming in the bright beach waters, opt for a cave swim. Bermuda has more caves per square mile than anywhere in the world!

cavecave swim

The limestone formations create eerie yet beautiful sculptures that drip from the ceiling into a crystal clear pool. I had this cave all to myself and it was both peaceful and chilling to dive in. Many cultures believe cenotes or caves are pathways to the underworld. If I dived in, would a mermaid grab hold of me and take me to another world? I dove in to find out, but I only found soft waters that left my skin feeling silky smooth once I got out.

Looking for a place to stay in Bermuda? I wholeheartedly recommend the Grotto Bay Resort which also has an all-inclusive option. The resort has a beautiful pool with a swim up bar, perfect for having fun island drinks. Just a few steps from the pool is a private beach. A friendly staff member will be standing by to put an umbrella wherever you wish. Gaze at the crystal clear turquoise waters and you may even spot the outline of the sunken ships.

Note to crewmembers: we do get a discount at this hotel and also at the kayak rental place on the beach.

grotto bay

In 30 Hours I swam in a pool, in a cave, in a bay, in a beach, ate delicious fresh caught Mahi Mahi, drank a Dark and Stormy with a local, kayaked a nature preserve, visited Hamilton’s street fair, bused around town with the locals, witnessed a street brawl, chilled in a bar to listen to local music, and had a security guard carve me up some fresh aloe. Bermuda is full of unexpected surprises.

What can you do in 30 Hours?

XOXO The Luv Aviatrix



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